April 16, 2014

smile-inducing, toe-tapping, thought-provoking folkgrass

April 2: I've arrived in California and theoretically, all my stuff has. However, finding everything is still a daily adventure! Please be patient and we'll get your order to you as SOON as we can!.

My music will be on Mike Harding's Folk Show podcast from the UK beginning from 5 pm GMT tomorrow (April 6) and then in the podcast archives!

photo by Christina Gressianu


He swings down like the flourish of a penSigning a signature in white on white.The silence of his skis reciprocatesThe silence of the world around him.Wind is his one competitorIn the cool winding and unwinding down.On incandescent feet he fallsUnfalli…

Open Mic Night at Freight and Salvage

It is an important acoustic and folk venue, and it is an historic Open Mic:  the longest-continually running one in the East Bay.Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse on some alternate Tuesday nights is the host to the Open Mic.Open Mics are part o…

Traditional Noter and Drone Style Lessons

by Linda Ratcliff Traditional Noter Style Many mountain dulcimer players play their instruments by pressing the fatty pads of their fingertips down on the strings to create the different notes. But there is another option. The traditional, old-time way of playing a mountain dulcimer is to use a noter. Your noter can be anything from the […]

Off to California

Here I am in my new studio, with just a tiny sampling of my work behind me!The physical transition was completed with my arrival in San Mateo last Saturday at 4 pm.I can’t even begin to describe the beauty I witnessed while crossing Utah and Nevada on …

DulcimerCrossing Festival Scholarships

by Steve Eulberg & Linda Ratcliff At DulcimerCrossing.com we believe in supporting all the ways that students learn to play the music that is in their hearts.  Some people learn better in the privacy of their homes, some with an individual tutor, and some learn best when immersed in a setting that is chock-FULL of […]